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Video How to Impersonate a Woman

We are proud to present the original 'How to Impersonate a Woman' crossdressing video series, now available exclusively at Michael Salem Boutique. Discover exclusive crossdressing insights from three experts in the field, a fireside chat with Michael Salem, tips on wearing breast forms, hosiery, shoes, girdles and more in this 50 minute episode.

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Beauty Tips For Transgender & Transexuals

Our customers often approach us for tips & tricks, here's our most common feedback... If you are a trans woman, getting ready for your first TS meet up and official date, you are perhaps perplexed with the question all women know all too well: "What to wear?" Alas, there's no need for panic, at least not with these beauty and fashion tips for trans women.

- Add two sizes to your men's shoe size and you'll get your woman's shoe size.
- Finding cute shoes in a size 13 can prove to be quite a challenge, browse the Michael Salem collection of crosdressing shoes to find the best fit and style for your own needs.

The best underwear options for trans women are:
- Padded panties
- Custom gaffs
- Tucking panties
- Hip Pads

Our range of bras come in all shapes, sizes and purposes
- If none of the bras work for you, consider our great range of breast forms first
- Find out your proper bra size. You can either get fitted by a professional at a lingerie store or by using our sizing chart.

Dresses & Skirts
- You can get the appearence of a more feminine figure by wearing skirts and dresses that accentuate your hips and cinch you in your waist.
- Wear flowy dresses (summer or skater dresses) that have a lot of fabric on the skirt

Makeup is a great way to enhance your femininity but it's important to keep your makeup natural and try not to overcompensate
Contouring is very important for trans women, as it can change the appearence of your bone structure
Eyebrows Get your eyebrows professionally shaped to refine and emphasize what you already have. When applying makeup, don't reconstruct them but fill them in instead
Eyes Use a lot of mascara and fake lashes, and skip the eyeshadow for an everyday look
Lips When it comes to lipsticks, the world is your oyster

Got any other beauty tips for trans women? Contact us now!

Brave New World Introducing the new MichaelSalem.com

For several decades now MichaelSalem.com has been a hub for all things crossdressing - we thank our loyal customers for their continued support. As the business expands beyond our New York clientele we must respond to the demands of a more competitive market. From drag bars in Shinjuku to the transgender capital of the world, Bangkok, we have seen the allure of crossdressing spread to the far reaches of the globe and our business begin to cater to a more diverse audience. Our new site is designed and built from the ground up with the international crossdresser in mind.

The original Salem Hosiery, New York - September 1948

In America, the ascent of Trump, subsequent banning of transgender personnel from the US military and assault on the LGBT community have given birth to an ominous force that must be reckoned with. We believe the measured response to Trump's bigotry is to help expand the powerful and liberating influence of crossdressing. As of today, we are including a free gift with each order to all our loyal customers in the United States.

We believe the benefit and enjoyment of crossdressing can influence many, beyond the spectrum of gender, sexual or social orientation - our shop is open to all who want the woman to be brought out in them.

- M.S

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