Michael Salem Boutique

New York City

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America's №1 Crossdressing & Transgender store. EST. 1969

Established 1969. Operating ever since.

Our story goes back to the 1920s, when the family business operated as Salem Hosiery on Madison Avenue, New York City. Michael Salem spotted a trend after customers at their Madison Avenue store would ask for items for their wives, but in the wrong sizes. With no place for these customers to go and discretion required, he went after the business and had a clothing line made for men in large sizes.

Today, Michael Salem Boutique caters to around 600,000 crossdressers in North America, many millions of potential transgender clients worldwide as well as local businesses in the theatre district of N.Y.C. Some of our clients include former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, actor Donovan Leitch and the ABC soap opera costume department.

Despite our growth from a small family owned store to a global business, we continue to supply the same drag artists from our neighbourhood with size 17 heels, breast forms, Marilyn wigs, large-size sweater sets and taffeta gowns.

Working with Harvey Milk

Michael Salem is the cousin of famed activist and San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk. Before Harvey made a name for himself in San Francisco, he lived a quieter life with his hardworking family in and around New York City. The extended Milk clan, including Milk's cousin Michael Salem, had been rooted in New York garment retailing since the early 1900s with a family-owned department store and hosiery shop. When Salem launched his own lingerie boutique in 1969, his cousin Harvey offered some advice: sell to crossdressers. Over the next decades with the help of Harvey, Salem expanded his business's reach to international customers.

Crosdressing the Stars

Today our boutique is the crossdresser to the stars, selling dresses, lingerie, wigs, stilettos and breast forms to a wide range of actors, performers and public figures. In 2001, when then Mayor Giuliani tarted up as a blond bimbo for the City Hall press corp’s annual roast, he was dressed by Michael Salem. We have supplied to many film and TV productions include CBS's Blue Bloods, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, NBC's SNL and many others.

Asked for a pair of size 13 shoes by Caitlyn Jenner, the Boutique provided an assorted selection of custom made heels, from platforms to open toe, strapless, sandals, wedges, suede skin, rhinestone, spikes.. and a pair of size 14 black patent pumps, as explained Michael: "from experience, the one size larger is better in summer since feet swell in hot weather, but I also offer the smaller size 13 if she wishes". Caitlyn responded with a personal thank you note.

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