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At Michael Salem Enterprises, we pride ourselves in being top quality suppliers of crossdressing clothing​ including vee-strings, vaginas prosthesis and gaffs.  After all, no transvestite’s boutique ​is quite complete without these items.

Rest assured we have sufficient experience, as we’ve been proudly sourcing and supplying transgender clothing to our valuable clients since 1969, and we’ve been online since 1995.

What started as a small family business is now an ultimate USA shopping destination for crossdressers, and the transvestite clothing range we offer reflects this perfectly.

Our extensive range of transgender clothing includes exceptional quality items such as crossdresser's panties, vee-string vaginas and silicone vagina prostheses.

Looking for a high quality bladder vee-string, or perhaps you’re interested in purchasing a wonderful sheath vee-string?​ You’re at the right destination, as we are happy to offer these items too!

We’d also like to emphasize that shopping at our transgender boutique is easy and safe. We offer discreet delivering with an option to have your order shipped to a federal express office near your house, so rest assured the delivery process will be seamless.

Some of our favorite products for crossdressing men include​:

Vicky panty ​are one of the most realistic vagina panties for crossdressers on the market. Make sure to check these out if you’re after a quick, realistic transformation!

Latex vaginaw/urinary feature​ is a wonderful example of handmade crossdressers panties. This carefully sculpted masterpiece has an in-built urinary feature, allowing you to use the bathroom with no need to remove this unique piece of transvestite clothing. Enjoy this realistic product crafted with great care to detail!

Vagina Gaff​ is available in a wide range of sizes and is crafted in black. This crossdressing clothing item has an in-built realistic silicone vagina, which looks and feels absolutely fantastic. It’s realistic labia guarantees that the anatomy will be easily noticeable under the sexy sheer black mesh men panties. Softness, smoothness and absolutely no uncomfortable details ensure you will thoroughly enjoy using this prosthesis vagina.

Vagina prosthesis​ has been carefully designed to hide the male genitalia, resulting in an ultra-realistic appearance. This prosthesis vagina is not exactly cheap, but if you consider that every single product is made for the individual buyer, you will likely agree that this creation is priceless. This crossdressing product is sewn by hand, and there are as many as ten different synthetic hair colours available to pick from! Durable, soft and pliable, our vagina prostheses also allow for body cavity penetration. This is an ultimate affordable crossdressing luxury within our transvestite boutique.

Sheath vagina prosthesis is another example of crossdressing clothing masterpiece. Custom-made for each individual buyer, this ultimate prosthesis vagina is designed with a Vaginal Canal Sheath. As a result, a penis can be inserted inside the sheath, which means unlimited sexual pleasure for you and your partner. You also have an option to add a Menstrual Pouch, allowing the illusion of menstruation if you so desire.

Sheath vagina prosthesis w/bladder is same but different to the Sheath vagina prosthesis, this product allows valuable customers of our crossdressing boutique to add a realistic bladder to their prosthesis vagina. Bear in mind that this model of bladder does not hold liquid - however, its design is perfect for an even flow.

We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping at Michael Salem transvestite boutique, and we are happy to fulfill any of your crossdressing clothing needs!

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Vee-String Vagina
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Vagina Gaff
Sheath Vagina Prosthesis with Bladder
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All falsies, silicone breasts and enhancers are priced per pair.

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For even more discreet delivering, we can arrange to have
your order shipped to a federal express office near your house. 

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