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Cadillac silicone breast
breast forms-chest tape

At transgenderstransvestites, and crossdressers can find the type of breast forms and breast enhancers that will make you look and feel like the women you want to be.

Our silicone breast forms feels like the real thing. Our oval breast forms have 
a slight curve which gives the form a realistic shape.

​Size varies with the silicone breast forms. When considering your size use our Sizing Chart and keep in mind that males tend to have wide chests. Look for breast forms which have been designed to start right below the armpit and go all the way to the center of the chest.

If you want a voluptuous, full and shapely look, you may want to consider the “booby trap” breast form.

If you are thin and have a more androgynous body type, you can pretty much use any shape of breast form that you desire. Check out the realistic breast form, Tapered Oval Form.

If you are flat you might want to go up 1 size. If you have a good amount of chest flesh order one size smaller. 

Note that even if you don’t like big breasts, due to the width of the chest, males will tend to need larger breast forms in order to look more proportionate. 

This means that a perfectly average C cup breast form on someone who is very tall and broad-shouldered will look tiny and insignificant. Sometimes chest tape helps to shape and hold chest tissue in place.

You have to be very careful when handling the silicone breasts. If you want to avoid punctures from jewelry or fingernails wear gloves when handling your breasts. 

To remove perspiration or other materials that may harm the form, we recommend washing your breast forms with mild soap and warm water. Pat them dry before storing.

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Beginners Breast Form Kit
semi-round breast forms