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Here at Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique we are pleased to present some of the most sexy lingerie and intimate sissy clothing as well as breast forms and false vagina, latex products, vagina prosthesis and prosthesis string. Our plus size lingerie, panties, forms, bras, sleepwear and much more are just a click away! For those of you that enjoy bondage, we have streaming videos bondage gear to suit your every need. We also sell crossdressing items like our sexy shoes, leather bras and other sexy apparel. We know that you will find everything you are looking for here at Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique, especially breast forms! Michael Salem is seen with famous cerlebrities of his cousin's motion picture titled "Milk". Based on the life of Harvey milk who is played by Sean Penn.

Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique Plus Size Leather Lingerie and Clothing has Leather Tight Mini Skirts, streaming video on demand, Dresses, Gstrings, Panties and more! Purchase Skin Tight Shorts, Baby doll Lingerie, Waist Cincher, Harness or a Body Suit in leather. Our Sexy Garter, Short Skirt, Leather Jacket Collection is perfect for you! Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique has a tons of Sexy Clothing and a beautiful Leather Lingerie so be sure to look around! So remember, Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique Leather is your place for Lingerie, Clothing, Tight Shorts, Mini Skirts, Leather Apparel and more! Artificial vagina, false vagina, artificial pussy, false pussy, pussy panty, Sex Toys, Adult Dildos, Adult Vibrators, Anal Vibrator, Dildo, Sex Toys Adult, Adult Sex Toys, Adult Movies, Vibrators Dildos, Adult Toys, Rabbit, Sex Toys Sex, Toy Vibrators, transvestite fiction stories, transvestite fantasy's, Micheal Salem, Transvestit, Tranvestite, Crossdresing, Crosdressing, Crosdress, Crosdres, Crossdres, Trany, Brest form, Silycon brests, Draq quen, Draq queen, crossdressing fiction stories, Dildos, Anal Lubes, v-string vagina and vee string vagina.

Being "full figured" or "full size" doesn't mean you can't be sexy with your cloths. Add some spice to your wardrobe and let your man know how sexy you are! Plus size fashions like Patent PVC Clothing, Sexy Lingerie, Leather Lingerie, plus other sexy full size fashions are all available at Michael Salem Enterprises, Inc. Cross dressing Boutique. Check Our Stuff Out!

Sissy Baby Doll-A short gown that usually hangs just below the hip. Usually used as sleep or loungewear around the house. A great sexy gift, which is not too revealing.
Bikini Underwear -A cut of underwear that offers full coverage in the back and front, unlike a g-string or a thong. Sides of a bikini cut are usually high of the hip.
Bodysuit or Body stocking -A full body combination of a top and bottom in one package. Generally made of stretch material. A bodysuit can be worn as either inner or outerwear.
Boning -Plastic strips that are placed in lingerie garments such as corsets. Boning is used to give support and contour to the body to give a sleeker and more supportive look and feel.
Boxer Short -A style of underwear for men that is loose fitting a covers from waist to upper thigh completely in front and back.
Bras -Demi Cup - forms - A bra that covers the lower portion of the breast. Demi means half, so basically half of the breast is covered. Demi cup bras leave the nipple exposed. Offers great support but gives that braless look.
Half Cup - A bra that is basically half of a cup, but as opposed to the demi cup, the nipple area is covered.
Push Up - A bra that gives a lift to the breast giving the image of more cleavage.
Underwire - A bra with metal wires under the lower portion of the cups to help give the breast more support.
Burn Out -A see through or sheer type material. A very sexy and seductive looking garment.
Bustier -Basically a bra that extends down to the waistline. A bustier provides more shape and support that a bra all by itself. Most bustiers are very elegant and usually have garters at the bottom so a stocking can be attached. A very sexy piece of lingerie usually worn to excite one's companion.
Cami or Camisole -A loose fitting short top that ends just at the waist. Camisoles are usually worn under a garment such as a sweater or a blouse. Others often where camisoles as sleepwear.
Catsuit -Same as a bodysuit or body stocking
Sissy Charmeuse -A silk like fabric used in many lingerie items. Charmeuse is very similar to silk, but it does not have to be dry cleaned in order to be cleaned.
Chemise -Most commonly seen as a short gown. Usually only a thin strap on the shoulders keeps this garment from coming off. Most commonly used as sleep or loungewear.
Chenille -A fuzzy type fabric.
Chiffon -A sheer type fabric.
Corset -An undergarment that goes from breast to waist. The purpose of the corset is to pull the waist in tight to give the look of a very slim waist. It gives the women the hourglass shape that may be desired
Denier -A measurement referring to the thickness of the fibers that makes up a material. The higher the number, the thicker the material, thus a lower number would be a more sheer item.
Faux -Same as imitation. Usually seen as Faux Leather, which is the same as fake leather.
Fishnet -A common style of stockings where it is in a string like diamond pattern throughout the stocking.
Garters -Elastic straps with a metal or plastic hook attachments at the end, which is used to hold up stockings. Garters are most commonly found on Garterbelts or bustiers.
Garter Belt -An article of lingerie that is worn around the waist that is used to hold ones stockings up. A garter belt contains garters that are used to attach to the stockings. Garter belts do not cover the private area, so panties are usually worn in combination with a garter belt.
G-String -A panty with a small front area attached with string covering the waist and back end. G-Strings leave the rear end completely exposed, usually slightly larger than a thong.
Gown -Usually a long garment that is used for sleep or lounge wear.
Halter -A type of top that is sleeveless but usually covers the neck
Hosiery -Any panty hose or stocking type garment worn on the legs to give a look of color or smooth and silkiness.
Jacquard -A fabric that has designs woven into the garment rather that just pressed or printed on the garment.
Lace -A fabric that is woven in a way that is revealing and somewhat see through. A very sexy style of lingerie
Lame -A shinny stretch type material similar to spandex.
Latex -A shinny stretch rubber like material of which clothing is made.
LYCRA -A registered trademark by Dupont that is a type of spandex that conforms to the body.
Marabou -A feathery material used as an embellishment
Monokin -Similar to a one-piece bathing suit that is very revealing and usually very stringy in look.
Panne -A fabric similar to velvet.
Pasties -An accessory that is attached to the breast to cover one's nipples.
Patent (PVC) -A shiny vinyl faux leather type material. Usually priced lower than leather, but still high quality. Has a little stretch and give to the material.
Peignoir -Same as a gown. Usually worn as sleep or loungewear and commonly comes with a matching robe.
Platform -A shoe with a full heel from toe to back. The entire shoe is "plat formed" or raised usually 2 - 8 inches.
Pump -A style of shoe with a high heel, usually 3 - 5 inch heel
Satin -A fabric that has a lustrous finish on one side and a matte finish on the other.
Sheer -Transparent or see through.
Tap Pant -A panty with an elasticized waistband. Usually sold as a set with a camisole. A great gift for sleep or loungewear.
Teddiette -Similar to a teddy but comes with garters attached.
Sissy Teddy -A combination camisole and panty in one. Unlike a teddiette, teddies do not have garters. Can be worn as an undergarment or as sleep wear.
Thong -A panty with the narrowest strip in the back reveling the rear end completely. The back of a thong usually forms a v shape at the top.
Underwire -Insertions at the base of bras or other lingerie garments which are used for support of the breast and gives a push up appearance resulting in a look of great cleavage or bust size.

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We are a service for the benefit of the transvestite, transsexual, cross dresser and she-male community. We have been in business since 1969 offering the ultimate in service to answer any of your questions through telephone or email. We supply a full range of crossdressing wear.

We ship everything by air carrier and expedited UPS. Our shipping is a bit higher than others, however, you are assured of getting your product much more quickly, and we want you to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. All of our shipments are made discreetly without our name on the return address. We only sell first quality products and we do not sell irregulars.

We are a USA owned shop which evolved from Salem Hosiery, a family business opened by the father of Michael Salem. We have been selling to the crossdressing community since the early 1900s. We are very competitive. We have a competitive affiliate program which offers commission on sales.
Items for the crossdresser, shemale, michael jackson, female impersonator, drag queen, transgender, transvestite, and theatrical groups. We sell dresses, wigs, breasts, breast enhancers, nipples, silicone breasts, Artificial vagina, false vagina, artificial pussy, false pussy, pussy panty, v-string vagina and vee string vagina, bras, brassieres, stockings, pantyhose, slips, panties, skirts, shoes, spikes, heels, boots, rubberwear, domination, submission, maid outfits, Harvey Milk, girdles, fingernails, perfume, corset, pumps, leatherwear, leather, vaginas, tits, boobs, cosmetics, literature, tapes, videos, bondage, lesbian, s/m, caning, spanking, whips, bodyshaping, eyelashes, nails, fingernails, boots, sex change, streaming porn video and fantasy.

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